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Thursday, July 1, 2010

7/1/10- You Can Never Go Home Again

Mark 6:1Jesus left there and went to his hometown, accompanied by his disciples. 2When the Sabbath came, he began to teach in the synagogue, and many who heard him were amazed. "Where did this man get these things?" they asked. "What's this wisdom that has been given him, that he even does miracles! 3Isn't this the carpenter? Isn't this Mary's son and the brother of James, Joseph, Judas and Simon? Aren't his sisters here with us?" And they took offense at him. 4Jesus said to them, "Only in his hometown, among his relatives and in his own house is a prophet without honor." 5He could not do any miracles there, except lay his hands on a few sick people and heal them. 6And he was amazed at their lack of faith.

(Cliff at Nazareth- Luke 4 records they tried to throw Jesus off here)

Thoughts: Thomas Wolfe said "You Can't Go Home Again."  Wolfe finally did return to Asheville, NC in 1937 before his death in 1938.  However, it is hard for someone famous to go back and live in the place you grow up.  Relatives and childhood friends still see you as the little child, and will not listen.  Jesus was able to go home, but people there were not willing to believe in him.  Luke 4 tells us they tried to throw him off a cliff (see below).  In America, the average person had been moving every 2.5 years.  The question arises- where is their home?  Army (or Armed Services) Brats and Preacher Kids used to be the only ones who didn't know where their earthly home was, but industries today like to move families everywhere-even overseas (adding tot he instability of the family).  It is hard to reach relatives and childhood friends for Christ. 

Prayer: Lord, thank you for your willingness to reach out to everyone- even those who are hard to reach.  Help me to reach out to my relatives and childhood friends.

John Calvin abridged: The people rejected Christ who had not been educated by humans (but was employed in everyday labor) because of his lack of letters.  They were compelled to admire him, but treated him with contempt, choosing to cover themselves with their own darkness.  We can see here that people look for reasons to ignore Christ- despite miracles he has done.  Mark states strongly "He could not perform many miracles."  Those who should have been the first to recognize him, were the last.  Their unbelief and obstinancy binds the hands of God- but do not overcome Him (Mark says some miracles were still performed there).  The amazing thing is that thought they tried (and we do too) to hinder the grace of God, it rises despite their best efforts against it.

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