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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

10/14/10- Acta 2:29-33 Chilean Rescue and Our Rescue

 29 "Brothers and sisters, we all know that the patriarch David died and was buried, and his tomb is here to this day. 30 But he was a prophet and knew that God had promised him on oath that he would place one of his descendants on his throne. 31 Seeing what was to come, he spoke of the resurrection of the Messiah, that he was not abandoned to the realm of the dead, nor did his body see decay. 32 God has raised this Jesus to life, and we are all witnesses of the fact. 33 Exalted to the right hand of God

(Mario Gomez standing beside Fenix 2- Hugo Infant Getty Images)

Thoughts: Why does this Chilean rescue appeal to us so?  Why are millions so interested in this?  Perhaps deep within us there is a longing that when we are deep down, buried without hope, there is still the possibility of a rescue.  When the miners began to come out, one brave rescuer (Manuel Gonazlez) went down to them first.  He had to go down in order for the others to come up.  That is what Jesus did for us. 
But the difference is that Jesus was raised first to show us our own resurrection is possible. 
One miner (Mario Sepulveda) said,  "I was with God and with the devil. And I reached out for God,"  The good news is that God is reachable for He comes down for us. 
Millions witnessed this Chilean resurrection.  But billions witness to the resurrection of Christ.

Prayer: Lord, thank you that you did not leave us to face our decay, but you came down for us.  Help us to celebrate and witness to your great love that sets us free! (video of Manuel Gonazlez going to rescuers)

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