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Thursday, October 27, 2011

10/28/11 Hosea 5:1-7 Leaders in Unfaithfulness

1 "Listen to me, you priests!
Pay attention, people of Israel!
Listen, you members of the royal family!
Here is my decision against you.
You have been like a trap at Mizpah.
You have been like a net spread out on Mount Tabor.
2 You refuse to obey me.
You offer sacrifices to other gods.
So I will punish all of you.
3 People of Ephraim, I know all about you.
What you are doing is not hidden from me.
Now you have joined yourselves to other gods.
You have made yourselves 'unclean.'
4 "You can't return to me
because you have done so many evil things.
In your hearts you long to act like prostitutes.
You do not recognize me as the Lord.
5 Israel, your pride witnesses that you are guilty.
People of Ephraim, you trip and fall because you have sinned.
Judah, you fall down along with them.
6 Israel, you will come to worship me.
You will bring your animals to offer as sacrifices.
But you will not find me.
I have turned away from you.
7 You are not faithful to me.
Your children do not belong to me.
The way you act at your New Moon Feasts
will destroy you and your fields.
(Thousands worshipping an idol)

Thoughts: The priests and leaders are like traps and nets- entrapping and ensnaring the people with false worship.  In the name of intelligence and fashion they lead the people astray.  They have a spirit of prostitution and rebellion that has kept them from coming back to purity and God.  Instead of faithfulness, they rebelled against God.  The more unfaithful we are, the harder it is to admit that we need to come back to faithfulness because of our pride. The learned and leaders (like kings/priests/celebrities) have a harder time getting past the prid of their sin.  It is also important to not simply blindly follow leaders. When leaders and masses follow in sin, it is especially hard to resist joining in.

Prayer: Help me to listen to you more than others this day.  Keep me from blindly following the crowd or those in leadership position.

John Calvin Abridged: Here the prophet especially inveighs against the rulers and priests.  The contempt of God prevailed among the great ; they were secure as if they were exempt from judgment; as though they were released from all law and order.  However, all are subject to His word.

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