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Friday, October 28, 2011

10/29/11 Hosea 7:1-2

1 The Lord says,
"I would like to heal Israel.
But when I try to, Ephraim's sins
are brought out into the open.
The crimes of Samaria
are made known to everyone.
The people tell lies.
They break into houses and steal.
They rob others in the streets.
2 But they do not realize
that I remember all of the evil things they do.
Their sins pile up and cover them.
I am always aware of those sins.
3 "Their evil conduct even makes the king glad.
Their lies make the princes happy.
4 But all of the people are unfaithful to the king.
Their anger against him burns
like the coals in an oven.
(Stained glass nativity and other things on sale at LMPC Bazaar tomorrow).

Thougths: Transparency is the best policy.  Our sins will find us out- like light shining through stained glass.  We cannot hide our sin from God (like Adam and Eve tried to do). Evil comes bak to haunt those who rejoice in it- especially when the government approves of dishonesty and rebelliousness against God.  Ironically, when a nation is devoted to the Lord, then there is unity in the respect of government, peace between people (even those who do not believe), and unity in moral values. In the West,

Prayer: May your light shine through me.

John Calvin Abridged: God compares Himself to a physician to show how corrupt the people are.  The physician tries remedies, but there is a deeper, hidden malady- the malady of their sin.  Though their vices do not immediately show up, and they decieve themselves, and gain nothing.

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