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Saturday, May 14, 2011

5/14/11 John 8:25-30 Who is Jesus

25 “Who are you?” they asked.
“Just what I have been telling you from the beginning,” Jesus replied. 26 “I have much to say in judgment of you. But he who sent me is trustworthy, and what I have heard from him I tell the world.”
27 They did not understand that he was telling them about his Father. 28 So Jesus said, “When you have lifted up the Son of Man, then you will know that I am he and that I do nothing on my own but speak just what the Father has taught me. 29 The one who sent me is with me; he has not left me alone, for I always do what pleases him.” 30 Even as he spoke, many believed in him.

(Presbyterian Disaster Volunteers help clean up storm damage from southern tornado 4/2011)

Thoughts: Who is Jesus, really, and what difference does that make?  Of course, Jesus is the Son of the Father- God in the flesh.  But here Jesus emphasizes that as His Son, Jesus does the will of the Father.  A few days ago a preacher was killed in Columbia, SC (Billy Dean Randall) driving his car back from a repair shop by a 20 year old college student who was driving while drunk.  The preacher was known for flying medical supplies to Haiti and people in need.  The family and church spoke words of mercy and forgiveness in court.  Who is Jesus- He is the One who sacrifices and forgives, and changes us so we may do so as well.  Thousands of volunteers from churches are pouring into the flood swept plains of middle America and the tornado swept areas of Alabama.  They take their time to go to a different land to help strangers, easing their plight.  Who is Jesus?  He is the one who was "sent" and whose God never left Him.  He was the One who always sought to please God even to the point of being "lifted up" on the cross to help others out of their ultimate tragedy of sin.

Prayer: May people be able to see who you are, Lord, by looking at my life.  May my attitude to those around me glorify you- reflecting who you are as in a mirror.

John Calvin Abridged: Jesus has spoken plainly of his identity, and the prophets had spoken of him since the beginning of scriptural revelation.  God, as judge, will vindicate himself and his truth against the wicked in the end, as He is the author of the truth.  Christ is singing as it were, to the deaf, so he stops arguing and leaves their judgment to God. As Christ speaks only what He gets from the Father, so ministers are not to speak beyond what God has said.

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